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Cancellation Terms

2. The term (“Term”) of this Agreement is for the twelve (12) consecutive-month period beginning on the Effective Date. The monthly dues (“Dues”) for the first month of the Term will be charged in full and the second month with be prorated, as necessary. This Agreement may be terminated prior to the end of the Term by: (i) Student’s notice delivered or mailed to DC SHAOLIN on or before midnight of the thirtieth (30th) day after the Effective Date; (ii) DC SHAOLIN’s receipt of documentation that Student has deceased or Student’s moving to a new residence that is more that fifty (50) miles from the location of DC SHAOLIN’s then current training facility; (iii) entering into a new membership agreement between the parties hereto; (iv) DC SHAOLIN pursuant to paragraph 3 or 4 below; (v) Student by paying all past due Dues, if any, plus the Dues for the remainder of the Term to DC SHAOLIN. Student acknowledges that the first month’s Dues are non-refundable.

3. For the Term, Student agrees to pay Dues to DC SHAOLIN in the amount of $__________, in twelve (12) equal monthly installments of $______ per month, regardless of whether Student participates in the programs and events offered by DC SHAOLIN. The payment of Dues entitles Student to use DC SHAOLIN’s facilities and equipment pursuant to the schedules published on DC SHAOLIN’s website (, emails, newsletters, posted signs, or any other means of communication. DC SHAOLIN reserves the right to increase the amount of Dues at any time upon thirty (30) day’s notice. Increases in Dues shall take effect upon the renewal of this Agreement or upon the next month following the end of the Term. If Student fails to pay any amount when due under this Agreement, Student’s access to DC SHAOLIN will be suspended until the account is brought current. Suspension shall not relieve Student from the obligation to pay any unpaid balances. Any payments that are not received when due shall bear interest at the highest rate permitted by law. If student fails to pay all amounts past due, DC SHAOLIN may terminate this Agreement and Student shall pay such amount as set forth in paragraph 2(v) above. Student shall also be liable for all costs incurred by DC SHAOLIN in the collection of such past due obligation to DC SHAOLIN, including court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

4. Student agrees to comply with all DC SHAOLIN’s Rules and Regulations, as presently in effect, and as modified, amended or supplemented. DC SHAOLIN reserves the right to modify, amend or supplement its Rules and Regulations from time to time in its sole discretion. Student shall be liable to DC SHAOLIN for any damage to DC SHAOLIN’s facilities or any equipment, furniture or fixtures located thereon caused by Student or any of Student’s guests or invitees. DC SHAOLIN may terminate this Agreement at any time for breach of Rules and Regulations or generally undesirable behavior by Student as determined by DC SHAOLIN in its sole discretion, and Student will not be entitled to a refund of any Dues paid to the date of such termination.

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Please refer to your copy of the original enrollment form for specific details including your Effective Date (enrollment date).

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